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Christmas Club Accounts

With a Christmas Club Account, you can put money towards shopping for the holiday season next year by paying in increments of your choice for 49 weeks; the bank will take care of the payment the 50th week for you.

Please speak with an account representative, or continue reading to find more information about our Christmas Club Accounts below.

Account Information

Every year, Christmas Club registration opens in November and closes on February 1st.

Please see the following table for available choices of Christmas Club Accounts:

Christmas Club Accounts Total Amounts*
$5.00 per week $250.00
$10.00 per week $500.00
$20.00 per week $1,000.00

*If you have an account with us already, you can have the total amount automatically deposited into your checking account or made available to you in the form of a cashier's check in November, otherwise.