Bank History

Citizens Bank & Trust Company opened September 18, 1978 in Ardmore, Oklahoma. We began in the Little Building located at 10 West Main Street. At inception we were a national bank, our bank name then was Citizens National Bank. We moved to our current location at 1100 N. Commerce in 1979 and reopened the downtown location as a branch bank in January of 1984. In November of 1991 we converted to a state Federal Reserve member bank, changing our name to Citizens Bank of Ardmore.

Citizens Bank of Ardmore opened two branch locations in 1995, one in the rural community of Dickson, Oklahoma and the other inside the Wal*Mart Supercenter.

In March of 1997 we opened a trust department in our downtown location and became Citizens Bank & Trust Company.

We currently have those four convenient locations and five ATM's. The ATM's are located at our branch bank inside Wal*Mart, the Dickson Branch, Downtown location, the Main Bank and at Tiffany Plaza. For your convenience we have a 24 hour information phone line called the Citizens Connection. Internet based banking is available at Mobile banking is available with a downloadable app for the Android and iPhone.